Summary of field activity 2018-609-FA

Location Map:


photo of Fast Eddy (SC)
Fast Eddy (SC)
photo of Parke Snavely
Parke Snavely

Location: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California, United States

Dates: 2018-03-12 to 2018-03-30

Port Locations: Isleton, CA, Isleton, CA

Principal Investigator(s): Jessica Lacy

Data Type(s): Time Series: Mooring (physical oceanography), Sonar: Interferometric, Sampling: Geology, Location-Elevation: Navigation

Information to be Derived: Current speed and suspended sediment concentration.

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered:

Equipment: SWATH plus-M , Moorings - Tripods, POS MV, Other, GPS