Summary of field activity 2018-615-FA

Location Map:


photo of Waverunner 1 (SC)
Waverunner 1 (SC)
photo of Waverunner 2 (SC)
Waverunner 2 (SC)

Location: Monterey Bay

Dates: 2018-02-26 to 2018-03-02

Port Locations: Santa Cruz, CA, Moss Landing, CA

Principal Investigator(s): Patrick Barnard

Data Type(s): Imagery: Photo, Location-Elevation: Navigation, Location-Elevation: Profiles, Sonar: Single Beam, Sonar: Sound Velocity

Information to be Derived: Nearshore bathymetry, beach topography

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: base, bathy, matlab, notes, photos, svp and topo added to FAD from nearshore bathy networked synology box 7/16/2018

Equipment: Trimble R7 GPS receiver, Trimble R7 GPS receiver 9, YSI Sound velocity CTD, Trimble R7 GPS (AS), Trimble R10 GPS (AS), digitalcamera, Waverunners